Re: R7000 Under constant smurf DOS attack.


Re: R7000 Under constant smurf DOS attack.

Was there any final resolution to this?

Asking because i have exactly the same setup - two R7000 routers, one set as an access point, and I think I've been having the same issue.

I have the latest firmware.  Is that sufficient or is a permanent fix yet to be issued.



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Re: R7000 Under constant smurf DOS attack.

Hello! I made this post a while back and became busy with other things thus being unable to reply to any more solutions offered by the support team here. I am still having this issue even after trying the few solutions already suggested. I am being attacked every minute without delay. Here is another post of my logs as of the past few hours. 

The attacks are starting to affect my internet connection more than usual I believe, I have been losing connect a lot in the past few days and having to reset my internet completely 3-4 times due to being unable to connect to something related to the DNS? I'm unsure of the exact name and phrasing provided to me by my computer's troubleshooter.



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Re: R7000 Under constant smurf DOS attack.

I have same setup using one R7000 in AP mode and another as main router.  The main router periodically reports a smurf attack from the AP that is coincidedent with the AP device reporting no internet.  Radios in one or both do something odd at that time causing havoc in sonos or other streaming media.  Typically I need to reset the AP and/ or the main router to get things back.  Netgear Any updates?

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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