R7000 Usage Meter/Traffic Meter by Device


R7000 Usage Meter/Traffic Meter by Device

When you have a family with 10+ devices using WiFi, every now and then one of those devices or its user will misbehave and use an unacceptable quantity of our metered internet data allotment. 


I need the ability to see a list of devices attached to the router and the total consumption of data by each device on the router. None of the devices are talking to one another - they are all talking to the internet through the router as a hot spot.


I assume there is no way to set up the router to act as a hot spot instead of a network hub, but there should be. Most families no longer have home networks where there PC’s talk to one another inside the home network.Instead, we all use cloud services and the internet even when passing files back and forth inside the home.


The ability to monitor and track usage by device is critical for families who have Comcast as a provider, as Comcast caps data usage. When one of my sons decides to download 2TB of games for his Xbox in one month, I need to know that and to be able to shut that device off after it has used too much data. 


Can Netgear please put this ability in the router so I can do that?




Dad’s iPhone has used 6GB of data this month

Mom’s iPHone has used 6 GB of data this month

Son’s xbox one has used 2 TB of data this month


And the ability to set a monthly traffic limit on each device.


Right now, I cannot see who is consuming all of the data. But it is all going through the router, and the router is smart enough to tell me this, but just doesn’t.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 Usage Meter/Traffic Meter by Device

Hi XerxesFehrnah,

You can suggest this under Idea exchange board.

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