Re: R7000 VPN - scared of bricking it


R7000 VPN - scared of bricking it

Hi all,


I've just joined here after buying my new router.

Prior to posting I have been through some older posts that were recommended in relation to my query - I have some confusion as I have read some contradictory things on here/other forums but this being the official netgear community I've opted to post here first because, as the title says, I'm a scared man!

I am intending to use my r7000 as an access point into my BT Home Hub 5. On the r7000 I want to run it as a VPN for a couple of devices at home.


At present I have a subscription to Private Internet Access. In order to set that up I believe I would need to flash my router with DD-WRT. However, I've also read a lot of scare stories about doing this in terms of bricking the router. I'm kicking myself a bit as I could've just gone to and bought one already configured with PIA but as their prices are so high compared to waht the router costs I (stupidly) thought I could figure it out myself.

Looking through this forum I understand that DD-WRT isn't officially supported. However, I wondered if any owners have managed to successfully flash their router with DD-WRT and, if so, whether anyone can share a link/steps to a guide that I can follow, please.


I went over to the DD-WRT forums and got bogged down in a lot of technical information and couldn't see the wood for the trees.


Failing that, I'm wondering whether I should get a refund on the router and buy the same one from Flash Routers at the higher price or, if there's a working option via another VPN provider that someone could share? Want to keep this router if I can and feel like I've achieved something.


Thanks so much in advance.


Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 VPN - scared of bricking it

Personally, I recommend that you install either AsusWrt-Merlin or Tomato. Not only do they support hardware acceleration, but they are likely to be more stable. DD-WRT may be the Swiss Army knife of third-party firmware, but IMO it's too fractured to be trustworthy.

One other thing to keep in mind that the VPN performance on pretty much any consumer grade router is not going to be great. I would expect no more than 30 to 50 Mbps.
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Re: R7000 VPN - scared of bricking it

Hi TheEther,


Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. 30-50 is absolutely fine for my needs in terms of a speed.


I've not come across AsusWrt-Merlin before (have heard of Tomato). Will look into both and check with PIA as to whether there are any issues. Can't see there being as essentially just going to apply my VPN configuration to whatever firmware it is.


Looking at I'm not sure which one would be compatible with the R7000 - any ideas before I ask them?

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Re: R7000 VPN - scared of bricking it

Use the build from here:

Read the first post carefully for installation instructions.
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