R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

Hi all.  I have had my router for a year or two, but I've never updated the firmware from what I originally placed on it (V1.0.3.24_1.1.20).


I'd like to see if updating would help speed things up or prevent the need for a monthly reset of the router, but reading the forums here makes it sound like a mine-field or crap-shoot to do so.


In your opinions, what older version would prove to be the most stable upgrade of what I am currently running?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable? or, if 5 GHz doesn't work, then

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

I've been running ever since it was released and I never have to reboot the router.  It is very stable and I am getting great speed.


Recommend you reset, flash and reset again.  Each reset with the button on the back for 30 seconds. 

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

There is NO doubt in my mind the best firmware.

Its rock solid and fast. I am not changing again. Every time a

new promising Beta or final rease comes out I give it a try and

always end up back to the Seems they are adding things

to the firmware that causes other problems. 



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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

Been running V1.0.5.48_1.1.79 since it was available, and beside the ReadyShare printer that needs the access controls feature disabled, and after a reboot to set it right, the router has been solid: great speed (yes TheEther now I get good speed eventhough I said I didn't in an earlier thread but reboots seem to do the trick), wifi is fast at least I don't have any hicups or didn't notice them, and port forwarding seems to be working. 

Wondering if would be really better, or like they say, if it ain't broken, ...

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

TBH, I never had any issue with, but I don't do anything fancy: No port forwarding, no ReadyShare, and no Access Control.  But given all the troubles people are having with it, I think or is a safe choice.  If works for you, then that's great.  Stick with it!

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

Thanks everyone for your input!  Looks like I will go with the version.  Question before I begin, though...


When I do the 30-second reset, does that clear all settings from the router?  Basically, will I need to manually input everything to set up the WiFi and guest SSIDs, DNS, etc. after the update?

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

Some people may tell you that it's ok to restore settings from a backup file, but if you are downgrading from 1.0.5.X or, then it's safer to manually input everything by hand and that's what I recommend.  


Take screenshots or write everything down before you reset.  You don't need to hold down the reset button for 30 seconds.  More like 8 to 10 seconds.  Watch the video at this link.


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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

Yes it will.  After flashing, you should again perform a reset to ensure proper initialization.  Now set your router up again manually.  You can see what FW I'm running below. 

~Comcast 1 Gbps/50 Mbps SB8200 > R8000P
~R8000P FW: ~R7000 FW:
~R6400 FW: ~Orbi-AC3000 FW:
~EX3700 FW:

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Re: R7000 - Which Firmware Most Stable?

R7000-V1.0.3.61_20140605_QA.chk was the winner for me.  No issues at all with it.

Having said that though it now lacks some of vulnerability fixes that have been released over the past year so I'm currently testing R7000-V1.0.5.52_1.1.81.chk.



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