Re: R7000 & TunnelBroker IPv6 Setup


R7000 & TunnelBroker IPv6 Setup

I don't know if its even possible but if anyone out there knows of a good walk-through tutorial on how to setup the stock firmware on the R7000 for a Hurricane Electric/TunnelBroker 6in4 IPv6 tunnel I would appreciate any help you can provide. Using stock firmware in case that helps or matters.

I've setup TunnelBroker IPv6 tunnels on other routers (OEM, Tomato, DD-WRT) but I can't seem to figure out the setup on the R7000. Nothing I try seems to work so I'm beginning to think its not possible. I realize I could flash DD-WRT or Tomato onto the R7000 but I've found that my wireless range isn't as good with third party firmware. In addition without the CTF hardware acceleration I can't max out the downstream my 300D/20U internet connection so I'm really looking for a solution using the stock firmware.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide.
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Re: R7000 & TunnelBroker IPv6 Setup

Have you had any luck? I am having problems getting a /64 configured on the R7000. The linksys EA9200 was easy to do but I cannot figure out the R7000.
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Re: R7000 & TunnelBroker IPv6 Setup

Having the same problem. See for general instructions. You have to enable ping as well. Does it work for you people. Before it worked for me with Miredo and Tuntap. See also but it is a bit outdated.

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