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R7000 and IPv6

Can someone tell me the correct settings for IPv6 setup with comcast? I would think AUTODETECT but always Loose the IPv6 connection within 2 weeks of Applying with any firmware version.

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Re: R7000 and IPv6

It's not you, it's Comcast that has a flaky IPv6 implementation. Try setting it to DHCP

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Re: R7000 and IPv6

I think your absolutely right with Comcast being the cause with IPV6 issue of disconnects. Before using this Netgear R7000 I was using an ASUS router and having the same issue with disconnects. I enabled it again this morning this using DHCP with drop down instead of Auto Detect.
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Re: R7000 and IPv6


I am using with DHCP on both R7000 and R8000P. IPv6 has not disconnected. One thing to check. Even if the addresses do not appear in your router's GUI, perform an IPCONFIG from a command line. You might find that IPv6 is working even if it doesn't appear in the GUI.


Also note the following. While you are using Comcast your public IPv6 address is not truly public. Comcast filters everything behind it's backbone.



If you strongly believe you have IPv6, but we were unable to detect it: it means one of a couple of things. Either your ISP is blocking the use of IPv6 to talk to the outside Internet through network policy; or perhaps what you see with IPv6 on your host is not a global address. Any address starting with "::", "fc", "fd", or "fe" are unable to work with the public IPv6 Internet.

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Re: R7000 and IPv6

Thanks for advice. When it happens again I will do the Ipconfig thing. But how I always know I Lost the Ipv6 is my Internet hacks weird with wireless devices like drop outs wireless subwoofer. I do the ipv6 test and will show 0/10. I also check from Network details and it says No Ipv6 connected only Ipv4.
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