Re: R7000 and VPN

bump. anyone have any further detail on this? I'd REALLY like to get the VPN connection routing all my traffic over my home network when I'm traveling out of country.
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Here's your bump.

I have been working a ticket on this VPN problem with Level 2 Netgear Support Experts for a several days and they have solved it for me.

Previously OpenVPN would seem to connect but my NETGEAR-VPN adapter would receive a IP address and therefore I would have no access to my home LAN (nor would any internet traffic go through the VPN).

Based on Netgear L2 Support's guidance I am now running R7000 firmware V1.0.3.68_1.1.31 with the VPN service enabled for "All sites on the Internet & Home Network" but here's the important part:

Netgear has identified a problem with OpenVPN client software 2.3.4-i603.
It will not work.

Instead, use OpenVPN client software 2.3.4-i003.
It works.

Once I did so my VPN connected quickly, my NETGEAR-VPN adapter was handed a DHCP IP on my LAN, I could see and access all my devices and shares on my LAN; and and report my WAN IP as my home WAN (even though I was sitting in a cafe down the road on public wifi).

Throughput was good enough for me to stream audio from my server at home and even view 720p youtube being pumped through the VPN (but 1080p was choppy).

Great job Netgear.

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Re: R7000 and VPN

OK, now it looks like this works now - using remote gateway. however, I noticed in some places (where I am at today), I lose my remote gateway for internet browsing very often, like every 1-5 minutes; sometimes at other places, the connection is good for 2-3 hrs before I log off. I noticed when remote gatewayted is lost, I can still have access to my home network's network drives and devices.

When the remote gateway is lost, the openvpn client icon on the system tray remains green, which gives a false impression the connection is still 100% connected.

Two questions:
1) What can I do to ensure the connection/use of remote gateway for internet traffic is maintained?
2) Is traffic/data pulled from my network drives still encrypted when the remote gateway is lost?
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Re: R7000 and VPN

I have been monitoring my situation a bit more closely today and have a couple of questions. First, here are some info:
1) From remote location, I am using OpenVPN to connect to my R7000 at home.
2) Using ipchicken or whatsmyip I see my home ISP's IP address (from Comcast) - this confirms my internet traffic is going through my home router
3) I successfully map to my home server's network drives and open and save files to the server
4) I type in my R7000's IP address, I am able to log onto my R7000.
5) After a period of time (could be just a couple of mins to longer), using ipchicken or whatsmyip I see my home ISP's IP address has been lost.
6) I can still access my file server (read and write files) and R7000 (by typing in its IP address)

a) What exactly is happening?
b) Is my internet traffic no longer flowing through my R7000 (thus my IP address to the outside world is no longer the one Comcast assigneds to my home R7000) ?
c) One reason reason I use VPN when at a remote location is so that traffic from my PC is encrypted. So, is my internet traffic AND files access to/from my home's file server still encrypted once my IP changed (according to ipchicken)?
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Re: SOLVED FOR ME Re: R7000 and VPN

I downloaded and installed openvpn-install-2.3.4-l003-x86_64.exe from HERE.  My traffic still going through my local gateway instead of remote VPN gateway...

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