R7000 antenna?


R7000 antenna?

What dbi does the r7000 have? I may need to replace one.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

Original antenna's are 2 dBi.
I replaced them with these 9 dBi.
Range improved a little with these antennas.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

That extra length/weight could cause you more problems than you solved by adding them if you're not careful.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

You know, I've read a bunch about this, and the bottom line seems to be that the antennas that come with a router have been tuned for the router, and work well with it. Most replacement antennas are really an unknown quantity, of dubious manufacture, and may or may not improve things no matter what gain that they claim.

Personally, I'm happy with the coverage that I have now, you can't do better than the whole house. And if I needed more coverage, I'd add an AP, and leave the current antennas alone.

If you need to replace a damaged or missing antenna, I'd go back to the manufacturer first and see if I could get it there.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

Thanks for the info.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

Anybody ever find a way to get replacement antennas? Looking for some ass well.
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Re: R7000 antenna?

All I have to say is that there is NO WAY that a antenna of that sort has 9dbi gain. Not without a built in amp of some sort.

A lot of CB radio operators fell for that 9.9 dbi gain which is really only about 2.75 db gain. A three element beam antenna only

has about 8 db gain. All I am saying is don't bee fooled with these high db gain claims, do a little reasearch before investing your 

hard earned money. I myself would rather invest in either a repeater or a WIFI extender from Netgear, and By the way I do not

work for them at all. By the time you pay 20-25 dollars put about another 15 to it and be happy....

Everyone have a great day.


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