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R7000 bridged to R8000

I already have a R7000 and was contemplating an upgrade to the R8000, but keeping the R7000 and using it as a wireless bridge to maximize throughput. Anyone try this set up yet, with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios? Is this possible?

I currently am using an EX6200 with both radios enabled, and repeater disabled. Good throughput, but my uplink is very slow - only 2Mbps. Also I think there are glitches in the connection because of the 5GHz distance.
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Re: R7000 bridged to R8000

I have 3 R7000's bridged at 5GHz to a R8000 and it works great. Each R7000 is set up on a different level in my home with approximately 30 wired devices and I get throughput at 865 to 1300Mpbs. Couldn't ask for anything better.
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Re: R7000 bridged to R8000

Are you using netgear stock FW for bridge setup? I have a R8000, and a N16. I would like to bridge N16 to R8000 through 2.4Ghz. N16 is running Tomato. Thanks.
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Re: R7000 bridged to R8000

Yes I'm running the stock firmware on the R8000 - haven't even loaded Beta yet.
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Re: R7000 bridged to R8000

I am having quite the opposite luck.  I had my r7000 bridged and my r8000 for main duties after the r7000 WAN port stopped working and this forced the upgrade.  I have a Quartz Raid 5 array that is connected by USB3 to the router, that does my time machine backups as well.  Since adding the bridged r7000 back into the picture (from the media room making the TV/Bluray/appleTV/marantz receiver all connected in a centralized way with maximal speed available) the r8000 slows to a grinding halt every few hours, to the point that it won't even accept new wireless connections and will start to drop connecting devices.  It is set up on the 5GHz band because there are two separate radios and the greatest potential bandwidth on that band.  I can't tell if it is running out of capability doing routing duties while acting as a NAS or if it is the r7000 bridge itself that is awry.  Just taking out the r7000 made the network go back to normal completely, and all of the devices that were consolidated are now connecting on their own wifi connections (albeit slower and far more mixed traffic) with again no issues.  I thought it would be a panacea pushing the 3 wifi connections and the TV which must be wired through the "latest greatest" wifi pipe on a single connection, but this has not been my experience.  I ended up doing rolling restarts every couple of hours until finally giving up after family complaints mounted (and the Nest kept disconnecting separating spouse from temperature control).

It felt like a strange issue from the same company with all latest firmwares.  Haven't tried the bridge without the backup raid connected, so can't troubleshoot perfectly.

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Re: R7000 bridged to R8000

With the R7000 in AP mode, it should still be possible to connect one of its LAN ports back to the R8000 instead of the WAN port, you could give that a try to see if the issue changes, and if so we can investigate further.

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