Re: R7000 cannot detect internet amber light


R7000 cannot detect internet amber light

I can get this router to work. My modem is fine, I can use the same Ethernet cable directly to my laptop and get blistering speeds. The router has an amber light for the internet light and the app will not detect internet to do any updates or anything. Is this thing now trash? It’s costs just as much to buy a new one as it does to pay to have a conversation with Netgear support. Do all their routers quit working after a year?
Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: R7000 cannot detect internet amber light

Ok restart your modem and wait til it syncs up with your internet completely and don't have that router connected to it. Do a 30 second reset on the router by pressing the reset button with a paper clip. Then when the modem has fully booted up and synced with your internet connect it to the router. Make sure you connect it to the WAN (yellow port) and not the 4 LAN ports. Then run the setup for the internet detection.


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Re: R7000 cannot detect internet amber light

What modem do you have? 

Firmware on the router? 

What router do you have? you have r7000 in title and r7000P in the signature. 

are you able to access the route but it just doesn't go online? or are you not able to access it at all? 

What are all the led's on it doing? 

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Re: R7000 cannot detect internet amber light

Some quit after seven months. No internet connection
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