R7000 constantly rebooting/bricked


R7000 constantly rebooting/bricked

My R7000 is in constant rebooting loop. Once I turn on the router the power LED becomes white + orange (yes, both simultaneously). Then all LEDs are on for a sec. followed by USB indicator LEDs only and then goes back to the beginning again. So far I have tried many things and nothing seems to be going anywhere.


1. Factory reset using the reset button

Nothing happens. It has practically no impact.


2. 30/30/30 Reset

Practically no impact. As I understand this suppose to take the router to recovery mode. However, in my case it continues to behave the same as before.


3. TFTP flash

Cannot do TFTP flash because the router is up for about 1 sec. There is just not enough window to push the binary. 


4. Serial port debug + flash

This gives me the weirdest behavior. The serial port doesn't receive anything at all. Its all empty. I checked the serial port and there is nothing send to the serial port at all. On top of that it echos anything I sent thru the serial port.


5. Change Power adapter

No luck. I tried three different power adapters and one of them is working fine with another R7000. 



Q. What version of the firmware it had?

A. I have no idea, it was in automatic update mode and I really don't know what was the version before it got to this state.


Q. How did it get to this state?

A. I have no idea! One fine morning it starts behaving like this. (I assume it might went through an automatic update)


At this point, I am running out of options, any pointer to try something that I haven't tried or anything that I missed would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 constantly rebooting/bricked

At this point, you would need to contact support if the router is still under warranty.





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Re: R7000 constantly rebooting/bricked

Simple test to see that the serial cable is working is to start the terminal program and short the the transmit and recieve connectors. You should then see what ever you keyed to be echoed on the terminal. That way you know that is working as it should. 


Have found this to be helpful in the past.

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