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R7000 dead ports - support issue

Dear community.

Been a happy owner for a long time of a R7000 router. 

Been using it with bridge mode with my provider\s vdsl modem.

After a year, 2 lan ports and the want port died.

 So i decided to open an RMA to netgear where i was informed that although my R7000 is still under warranty for one more year but:

Hardware Warranty: Available till 2020-03-15
Phone Support: Expired
Email Support: Expired
Chat Support: Expired
So my only way was to return the product to the shop where i bought it from. A couple days later they informed me that my R7000 cannot be repaired or replaced so will get a refund of 69 euros.
I am kinda lost. 
How can i get my R7000 repaired? 

PS: I live in Greece
Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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