R7000 firmware V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 chk


R7000 firmware V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 chk

I received an email on 12/16/16 with a link to update a security issue. I downloaded the zip file and upzipped it to my desktop. Logged in and followed the instructions in the email. Got to the Advanced tab - Administration - at this point the instructions instructed me to click Firmware Upgrade. But I did not see that tab as an option to click. What appeared on the screen was "Firmware update available" next to the word Advanced. I clicked that and it updated the firmware to V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 without me using the zipped file. I would like to know if the firmware V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 the same as V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 chk? Or do I need to use the zipped file to update to the correct firmware? Thanks in advance.

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Re: R7000 firmware V1.0.7.6 - 1.1.99 chk

That's pretty much the same since that's the update for the known security vulnerability issue.

gimme dorayaki 😄
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