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R7000 firmware update

Received the e-mail from Netgear about the latest R7000 firware update (V1.0.9.14).  Seems important as this is the first time they've ever e-mailed me to say I should update the firmware.  So I tried to update from my v1.0.9.12 firmware using the firmware update option in the R7000 configuration menu and am told "no new firmware avilable".  


Come on, Netgear, get your act together!


(Yes, I know I can get it from the support site but why cant they get the update synchronized with the hardware they say needs to be updated?!)




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Re: R7000 firmware update

May be it need some time on update servers to be this firmware available. I've updated it manually, because my router didn't found any new update in automatic mode.

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Re: R7000 firmware update

Rolling out updates also spreads the load and ensures that everyone with the R7000 doesn't go on line at the same time.


This is a common tactic used by many software suppliers, including Microsoft.


Anyone gagging for an update can get it from the support site. Indeed, many experienced users prefer that because it gives them more control over what goes on.

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