R7000 guest account - no internet access

R7000 guest account - no internet access

I have a feeling this is due to the way I have it connected... not using the WAN port.

The R7000 is just an 'access point' - have it pugged in to our LAN via LAN port.
That is how are previous wifi router was setup, I just did a plug and play replacement...)

Our cable modem goes into our Domain controller (which is also local DNS server and DHCP server) - and the R7000 just picks internet up off the LAN.

So I have a feeling that un-ticking "Allow guests to see each other and access my local network" is what's blocking internet.
(DHCP assigns our domain controller as the default gateway and default DNS server - and what with local network being blocked, I guess that kills our 'internet gateway' as well )

Any suggestions for an easy, effective and elegant fix?
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

If you used as AP in AP Mode under advanced settings that setting would be grayed out meaning you cannot stop guest from seeing local lan.

You cannot stop guest from seeing local LAN when using as AP.

Not that it matters but if you use AP mode you'll see what I'm saying. AP has other benefits which is worth using like turn off by schedule, update firmware and send log files.
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

Well, not actually using in "AP MODE" (I am aware that guest accounts don't work with that). And really just bought the ting for guest accounts 🙂

However, just plugged in the new router exactly as the old router was - and made sure it was set accoringly ( right netwrok, no dhcp, etc).. just wanted to test the hardware, basically. I must say its working great - excellent coverage, and faster than the old D-link.

But now I have to figure out how to get the guest accounts working properly - which I assume means plugging the cable modem into the WAN port, and then passing the internet back over to the wired network over the LAN port.. this should be interesting!
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

You will likely have to use the wan port. think of it this way, if the guest access blocks lan access, and the only internet you have is coming from the lan, then no internet.
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

R7000 Documentation is a little vague on getting the internet back out to the LAN... hoperfully our current server configuration doesnt need anything special 🙂
I have to wait til after hours to try it.. everybody in the whole company came over this morning to get their iphones logged onto the new wifi. Seems we have twice as many people using the wifi internet for PERSONAL use than for actual company use. I'm glad I upgraded our aging Dlink with the latest greatest Netgear
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

Hmm... weirdness.

Firstly , AP mode is OFF. And i just updated the firmware to V1.0.3.24_1.1.20 (through the router's own updating interface)

I now have Cable modem attached to WAN port. Auto-detect internet was OK - plugged one of the R7000 LAN ports into our network switch, and all wired workstations have internet again. So its seems regular configuration of internet is all good. Using the 'normal' networks wireless devices can surf fine. (I'm typing on one right now)

However - the GUEST networks are still giving me grief... can't connect with them if "allow guest to see each other and access my local network' is UNCHECKED.

I used to at least connect (with no internet access!) - now they won't even connect. The normal networks are still FINE. Once I CHECK the "allow guest to see each other and access my local network' - then the guest network clients connect normally and surf normally. But they also can see my LAN - which defeats the whole purpose of a GUEST account... :confused:

Can anyone post an example configuration where the GUEST accounts actually work as advertised? I'm obviously missing something - er... really OBVIOUS??

I do need all the "regular" wireless clients to be able to use the internal network LAN shares (and they can). Just would like to prevent the GUEST clients from doing so too!!

Could the problem be that I have assigned the R7000 itself an IP on my LAN? (I did that for convenience - saving me from having to reset a workstation to all the time...)
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

if your cable modem is going to a domain controller and the r7000 is simply an ap, you need to plug the wan port on the r7000 to the switch that you are using for your lan.

based on what you have said below is how you should set it up:
cable modem => domain controller => switch. wan port on r7000 => switch. if your network topology is different let me know..

please tell me that your domain controller also has a good spi firewall on it as well 🙂
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

Guest account is generally design to work under router mode.

When used such as access point it breaks the mini VLAN that used in router mode to isolate the network.

There is not really specially setting either. . Wether AP mode (uses WAN port to existing network) or basic access point setup (Uses LAN port to existing network) and does not function right then because mini VLAN coded to be used in router mode.

Look into getting AP device from ProSafe

Although you will be also need it a VLAN capable switches to create those need SSID for primary and guest
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Re: R7000 guest account - no internet access

You can do this:



use Static IP Address



ENABLE DHCP and specify DHCP range, eg. 100-120

Setup as normal.
CHANNEL - other than main router

GUEST: Enable Isolation if desired


1xRBR50 1xRBS50 2xRBS40
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