Re: R7000 locks up

R7000 locks up

Good morning,

I recently acquired a Netgear R7000 to replace my ISP provided router, as I needed more features and performance.

In general it's operating quite well (I just love AC and Ghz speed), however I have been having a recurrent issue over the last week: the router became extremely sluggish twice, and I had to reboot it to recover proper operation.

Firmware is V1.0.3.24_1.1.20

The symptoms are as follows:
- Internet ping goes up from 33ms to 1000ms (!) (using
- download speed is abysmal
- the router UI is extremely slow. Just getting to the main page takes at least 30s to 1min. Every menu action takes forever

Rebooting the router solves most of these issues

I also had another dependency which I struggle to understand

My setup is as follows:

xDSL modem => R7000 => GS108Ev2 Gigabit switch

All wired connections within the home are going through the GS108Ev2. Wifi is of course on R7000.

Ever since I installed the R7000, in every case the router entered this so-called 'sluggish' mode, this also affected the GS108E, so that internal traffic became horrendous (and I mean horrendous... going down to 1Mbps...)

Turning the switch off and back on, and speed reverts to normal

I cannot really yet fully correlate the link between the R7000 getting into this 'slow' state and the GS108E behaviour for lack of proper timing tools, but I never had this issue before (and I was using an old netgear mimo router (WPN824).

Further tests are currently on going:
- Updated the firmware on the GS108Ev2 to the latest version
- A replacement R7000 has been shipped by Amazon (previous version was a reconditionned unit, even though it was supposed to be sold as new)

I'll report once I have more data, but has anyone experienced the router issue itself (ie the unit becoming so slow that it could not process packets, and even respond properly to UI operations) ?


Vincent Nguyen
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Re: R7000 locks up - switch/router interaction

Update on my findings, which are even more puzzling:

I found out that when my intranet connection drops down, resetting the GS108E switch would resolve the issue, without resetting the R7000.

All good then, likely a defective switch. Wrong.

I waited until the behaviour appeared again, then unplugged the GS108E, and replaced it with a GS108T I also had.

To my surprise, after plugging it in, this did not resolve the issue... I had to issue a reset command to the GS108T (even though it had just been plugged in) to recover proper operation

I waited overnight... and the issue appeared again (note that the original GS108E is not even plugged). Again issuing a reset command resolves the problem.

I would understand if I had had one defective switch. But two in a row ? Failing with the same symptom, and at the same time ? Statistically this is next to impossible

To me that indicates there is a common codebase used in all Netgear smart switches, which under some network conditions results into the switch entering this 'low performance state', and these network conditions seem triggered by the R7000 above (as I NEVER had any issue like this before, and I used a wide variety of routers), even though the R7000 is only for Internet+wifi connection, so I fail to explain why it would put the switch in such a state.

Since all those issues started to appear when I installed the R7000, there clearly is some dependency. However I struggle to identify the dependency in question...

Any suggestion ?

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Re: R7000 locks up

If not too much a trouble, can you reset the router to factory default and set it up again
and see if it makes difference?
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Re: R7000 locks up

I did

However, I received a replacement R7000 unit from Amazon, and since I have set it up yesterday, I did not have any issue.

I'll monitor the situation and report if the issue still appears.

I do have wifi issues though 🙂


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Re: R7000 locks up

It is good to know that until Netgear put their acts together re: firmware situation, dd-wrt is worth while alternative. There are many helpful folks at dd-wrt R7000 forum. I am on Kong's dd-wrt r23900M with
new radio drivers, router is oc'd clkfreq=1200,800. Very stable.
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