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Re: R7000 not putting out the speeds

I have done everything you have stated.  I have decided to plug my ethernet cable from my PC to my modem and now I am getting 100+  Mbps.


Seems like I will have to wait and save up money to buy a different router from a different company; while not having WIFI.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 not putting out the speeds



I am still getting lag when streaming, and a speed test has my speeds back where they should be after all the BS I went through.

So I decided to setup QOS and make MY PC the HIGHEST priority for speed.

Its actually as FUNNY as it is SAD, that NETGEAR allows this to happen.

My Router, does a speed test under QOS,

 237.33 Mbps 11.70 Mbps

That is the speed coming into the router, according to the QOS test under .....

But speeds on my PC prior to Enabling Qos, 213.30 down 12.56 up - Still slower than the speed the router is getting.

I set my PC for the HIGHEST priority

after the reboot my pc no gets 8.92 Mbps up and 8.72 down

Are you kidding me???




Bottom line for a fix for this, is to buy another Name Brand router...

Netgear is doing NOTHING to fix this issue. and I know I am not alone with the problem

Linksys here I come..

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