R7000 ok, R7500 no


R7000 ok, R7500 no

Hi all,

few weeks ago i bought a R7000. i have a modem from the isp, this is linked to several switches and i put the R7000 with a very basic configuration linked to one of this switch. One connection on WAN port and one on LAN port. Everything is fine. The modem is the DHCP server on another network range (R7000 is , modem is

Yesterday i bought the R7500 that i wanted to be the main router and move the R7000 in anothe place.

I made (i guess) the sabe basic configuration (same ip address). I switched off the R7000 and replaced with the R7500. None of the computer in the network (all wired and fixed ip) could ping the gateway (R7500) and neither reaching the internet

The very strange thing is that if i linked to R7500 by wireless and checked the network status i could see all the computer attached to it

at the and i had to rollback to the previous solution but i need to sort this out


I have the latest firmware on both
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Re: R7000 ok, R7500 no

I was thinking about what you have said and wondered when you said you could not ping the gateway .
Under the security and access control is the Turn on Access Control box ticked and then enable all new devices to connect.I tried this on my daughters laptop she was connected and browsing so I blocked her and then pinged the gateway from her laptop the result was the same as you seem to have now from the devices.
In the Access Control section under Access Control Help it says
"You can use Access Control to allow or block computer or electronic devices from accessing your network. When a device is blocked, it would only be able to get an IP address from your router, but it won't be able to communicate with other devices, nor it would be able to connect to the Internet"
I'm not sure if this is the same for the R7000 and I cannot remember if this is default setting for the R7500 either.
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Re: R7000 ok, R7500 no

actually i feel quite ashamed ... i tried to reset the 7500 and start all over.. and i got a flash when i went to change the network from /24 to /16. I din't do it the first time.. now everything is fine
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