R7000 router connection issues


R7000 router connection issues

Hi all,


I've been having issues with my R7000 router ever since I changed ISPs. I cannot connect to the router settings page at all, whether through wireless or wired connections. I can see the wireless networks and wired connections but there is no response from the router itself. The internet works completely fine through the main modem. 

I believe it is some sort of settings issue but since I cannot connect to the settings page, I have no idea how to fix this issue. Netgear support is trying to extort like $140 bucks to tell me what the problem is, even though it seems they know exactly whats wrong.


I've flushed dns and reset network settings and any other basic troubleshooting tips. Have not used the factory reset button yet, since I'm not sure if I'll get everything back if I do.


Any help would be appreciated.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7000 router connection issues

What ISP modem Mfr and model do you have now? 

If you changed ISPs, possible the router detected this and changed it's default IP from due to the new ISP modem may use the same address. 


Do a IPCONFIG /ALL in a command line. What is the gateway IP address your seeing here? 


Might try a factory reset and walk thru the set up wizard. 


If your new ISP modem has a built in router, would need to bridge this modem if possible. Ask your ISP service about this. 

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Re: R7000 router connection issues

Improperly bridged IMO.
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Re: R7000 router connection issues

If you remember what your selected subnet was before, set the IP address on your PC manually to something in that subnet (like


Disconnect your router from the modem to make sure you don't have any conflict with what the ISP is sending.


Once you restablish connection to the router, backup the settings (to be safe), then follow the ISP's directions on how to set up the router.




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