R7000 set up through Surfboard as gateway

Hi all,

I have an R7000 connected to my Moto Surfboard 6580, with the Moto configured as a gateway only (meaning the R7000 connects directly out and pulls a public IP to nat). This has been working fine for a couple of months, but as of this morning, the R7000 is no longer able to pull an IP address from my ISP.
Some pertinent facts:

- Updated to latest firmware (V1.0.3.56_1.1.25) with no change (thanks for not letting me save my settings, netgear)

- Currently have 2 other devices connected in similar fashion, and pulling public IP's

- Tried simple release/renew first, then reboot, then firmware flash. Now I'm here.

Anyone else experienced this? I have seen a ton of stuff on the 6580 and its woes, but it does not seem to be the issue in this case for once.
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Re: R7000 set up through Surfboard as gateway

I had that modem, now have the SB 6421, but I've always had to do a 'orderly' power on, SB first, wait for all the lights to come on, then the Router, and lastly my devices.

Never had a problem that way.
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Re: R7000 set up through Surfboard as gateway

Greetings, Who is the ISP?? Without knowing this.. I suggest... Log into Routers GUI > Advanced Tab > Set Up > Internet Set Up > Router MAC Address (at bottom of configuration page) > Change radio button to Use This MAC address > Apply > Test.... Report the results please.
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Re: R7000 set up through Surfboard as gateway

Also try by reset the Motorola modem. Sometime that helps out
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