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R7000 slow video play

My husband bought me an R7000 for Christmas, and it worked fine for a while. The past month, it has been extremely slow playing videos only on my computer. It can play on everything else just fine. I no longer can watch video on my computer. I upgraded the firmware and did the optimize video streaming performance with QoS. Still having this issue. :mad:
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Re: R7000 slow video play

I assume you mean video from the Internet or your LAN maybe, rather than stored on your computer? Does the same problem exist with any other computers?
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Re: R7000 slow video play

Not too many details about what's going on...did any clients get added or somebody at your place start to watch more movies about the time that this happened? What's your download speed? How many clients are connected and how many users do you have?

I'm thinking that maybe part of your internet bandwidth is now going somewhere that it didn't use to go *smile*?
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Re: R7000 slow video play

Also if the problem only excists on your computer, it could be client related
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