R7000 sudden WiFi speed issues


R7000 sudden WiFi speed issues

This weekend I noticed that internet access seemed slow.  I ran speedtest a few times and was seeing speeds in the range of sub-1Mbps up to 30Mbps on downloads, and about 5Mbps up.  We have 100Mbps down/10 up.  I thought it was strange, but figured it must be something like interference or network congestion.  


This morning it persisted, so I ran speedtest using a wired connection and got the numbers I was expecting.  On the WiFi front, I plugged in an old router and its numbers matched the wired numbers on the R7000.  The issues is definitely with the R7000.  I've tried the following with no success:


- Change WiFi channels.

- Downgrade firmware (was running and tried both and

- Changing router placement to a more open area.

- Experiment with different DNS settings.


Anybody experience anything like this?  I noticed this morning that when I ran speedtest, there was a strange high pitched "whine" noise made by the router.  When it's not doing high speed download, this noise isn't present.  With the seemingly random issue, I worry that something hardware related has malfunctioned in the router - conveniently right after the warranty expired.

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Re: R7000 sudden WiFi speed issues

Weird... I re-enabled QoS (WMM on both bands and upstream QoS) and the speeds shot back up.  Disabling QoS was actually the first thing I tried (forgot to mention that in the original post).  Not sure what exactly fixed the problem, but seems to be good now.

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