R7000 very slow both wired and wireless


R7000 very slow both wired and wireless

Hello we live in Sweden  and we had this router in  almost a year and no problems but a week ago we changed the routher place and suddenly its very slow. In speed tests we got  3  - 20 mbit/s and  it  before it  could go  up to 500  mbit/s and we have no clue whats the problem. We tried  reset the router 2 times  and it  didn't work and we also tried changing the router back at where it was but it got higher with 60 mbit/s. What should we do?

Please help.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R7000 very slow both wired and wireless

What modem is it connected to?

If you hardwire into the modem, what speeds do you get?

What speeds do you get on the R7000 if you're hardwired in?

What website are you using to test with? Try multiple ones. 

What firmware is on the R7000? 

I'd also check the cables to see if you have a bad one. Make sure they're at least cat 5e and try swapping them out. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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