R7000 wifi and lan crash


R7000 wifi and lan crash



we were facing some random crashes with our previous router, so we decided to change to R7000.

But crashes still occurs.


Symptoms :

Wifi is still present but you cannot connect to it.

Full office Ethernet LAN isn't working (star switches network)

Unpluging every cables (WAN/LAN) from router does not change anything

Direct connection from my pc to the router without any other cable plugged, dhcp isn't working, and can't ping the routeur static address being in static also.

After reboot everything is fine

We had the exact same behavior on the previous router


Data :

Router is using a static route on WAN side to forward traffic to the ISP modem

ISP modem hasn't changed and is SDSL modem from SFR (France).

Router is the DHCP provider

We tried to modify wiring to desengage network/server traffic from router, but it still behave the same way, even if crashes feels to occurs less frequently.

Router is up to date.


Could someone advise us some tests ?

Are there some logs, system wise, on the router ?


Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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