R7000 won't connect to anything.

Okay so this morning I woke up and non thing would connect to my router. My modem works fine when I wire a connection but the router on the other hand... Not so much. Wifi nor Ethernet will work. Ethernet says "limited" and won't even connect me to the "genie" page and wifi will recognize on my IPhone but won't connect. Before you send a message saying "search and use it blah blah blah" it doesn't work for me. Tried it on EVERYTHING. So any help?
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Re: R7000 won't connect to anything.

Try a factory default reset (push reset button until power led flashes)

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Re: R7000 won't connect to anything.

Already tried. Nothing.
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Re: R7000 won't connect to anything.

Hi Chanman1914,


What are the lights on the router?

What is the IP address of the computer when connected to the router?

Please press the reset button again for 30 seconds.

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