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R7000P IPV6 issues

As the subject states, I've enabled IPV6 (Confirmed through ISP to be working), and I auto detect / auto config since I don't have too much experience manually inputting the information. I get both a LAN address and a WAN address but when I do the IPV6 test, it says unsupported. I've looked around and noticed a lot of people saying these routers are just so faulty and WILL NOT do IPV6. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or if they've figured out a fix. I'm on the latest firmware.


I rolled back to earliers and did the 30-30-30 resets and still had/have the issue. I'd prefer not to get a different router, but if that's really what I have to do, I can't exactly say no if NG hasn't addressed and/or fixed the issue.

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Re: R7000P IPV6 issues

What sort of IPv6 does your Internet service provider use?


Is it one that the R7000P supports?


Maybe you could tell us which ISP it is. I hope it isn't BT.


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