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R7200 bridge mode hotel wifi

Someone please help. My brother is giving me a newa R7200 router and I temporarily live in the extended stay hotel that has wifi only. No ethernet. I need ethernet in my room and was wondering if this router will work in bridge mode to give me ethernet. The hotel wifi doesnt have a password but there is a web based type welcome screen where u have to enter in your last name, room number, and email. If this was a regular home wifi with a ssid and password I know bridge mode would work but not sure if it will with this type of hotel login.
Thank you in advance.
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Re: R7200 bridge mode hotel wifi

Good luck. Maybe someone will come up with a way to do this. I tried various times to get things working when they have a web sign in and was never successful. Since, a least the one I was working with for a full afternoon, used the MAC to authenticate I tried changing the mac of the router to the working PC. Still no luck. Finally gave up. ;(

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Re: R7200 bridge mode hotel wifi

The only way I've kind of got this to work is by logging my laptop into the hotel wifi, then hot spotting the laptop with it's own ssid and password, then bridging the R7200 to the laptops hotspot wifi. But it's slow. Real slow. I was hoping that since my laptop could do it that a router would. My laptop doesn't have a ethernet port on it or else I've seen programs that can let you plug devices(other computers) into the laptops ethernet port to give them ethernet. Smiley Sad
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