Re: R7200 cannot detect internet


R7200 cannot detect internet


I use the R7200 to connect to the internet via a Technicolor DPC3216 cable modem. I have technical background and have spent weeks looking at this issue. The issue does not involve wireless connectivity.


I've reset/rebooted both the cable modem and router in my experimentation. I've also done a hard factory reset on the R7200 numerous times in an attempt to get it working, and cloned the Belkin MAC address. I have the latest firmware version.  Also have a Belkin N600DB which is a great router and works with the DPC3216 just fine, every time.  I'd use the Belkin instead of this Nighthawk except the Belkin does not have the same bandwidth.  Repeat: cloned the working Belkin MAC address to the Nighthawk in my experimentation.



Now, after a hard reset and using the Netgear 'genie' appears the R7200 is attempting a DHCP get and failing.  When R7200 can't resolve DHCP,  message is that the internet connection failed. My ISP does not require a username or login and has not assigned a static IP address. In the logs I did see something like DHCP via an http address but can't confirm that. Anyway, bottom line, DHCP apparently fails on initialization of the R7200 from reset of the router.


The workaround, is to connect the Belkin N600DB to the Technicolor DPC3216 cable modem and get the internet connection going.  Then replace the Belkin with the Nighthawk R7200 and clone the Belkin MAC address to the Nighthawk  R7200. That scheme will usually work with the Nighthawk to get it going. 


The problem with the workaround is mysterious however.  We have two computers on the network (ethernet not wireless)  and seems an IP address conflict will appear after a day or two of using the R7200. My wife will be working away on her computer and everything is fine, then I boot my computer and begin working and the (ethernet) network goes down immediately and the amber light of death appears on the internet connection led on the R7200.  Then reboot the cable modem, switch off both computers, reboot the Nighthawk....  still bad.  The solution is to reconnect the reliable Belkin N600 to the Technicolor DPC3216 and get the internet going, then swap out with the R7200 again.


Anyway any solution to the R7200's inability to native detect the internet (apparently a DHCP issue) will be appreciated.  [And please read carefully before responding 'do you have the latest firmware' 'did you do a hard reset' 'what are you connecting to' etc.]


Needless to say, all this is all very tedious and I am exceedingly disappointed in Cisco systems and its products. 


Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R7200 cannot detect internet

No replies, thus I detect there are known issues with the ac2100 when used in conjunction with the Technicolor DPC3216 cable modem.  Interesting that they are both 'Cisco' products (ie both companies owned by the Cisco conglomerate) but then again Cisco products have  been notoriously known for failing to work together. 


Politics aside, my ISP is Spectrum and I must reboot the cable modem and AC2100 at least once daily - or more depending - when the ac2100 amber led of online death erratically appears. Looking at the AC2100 logs there is no clue wrt what may be causing the issue, and the need to regularly reboot.


As an experiment I've ordered a Linksys router, Linksys is evidently owned by Belkin.  The Linksys router is reported to be compatible with the technicolor DPC3216.  Pending update.


As for compatibility with the DPC3216, it's quite clear now that the ac2100 is not...!

[btw the DOCSIS version of the DPC3216 is 3.0 16x4 and labeled 'charter']

Oh well!  just saying.

Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: R7200 cannot detect internet

Well either this forum is so totally Cisco flaky that the reply (from whoever) does not show or the poster was so embarrased he/she deleted it. Regardless, my solution was to replace this awful awful awful Netgear product -- which should never have been allowed out into the wild -- with a Linksys AC1900.  The Linksys has worked flawlessly with the cable modem (Technicolor DPC3216) straight out of the box, since installation, without need for reset or reboot was constantly necessary with the Netgear R7200. The Charter Spectrum chap who looked at my connection said he believed Netgear has issues with some chipsets that affect their products working with the DPC3216.   CISCO PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE BELKIN!  Hopefully there will be a law against it. thx

Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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