R7300 - timeout connecting to specific websites

Recently, I receive a timeout connection error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on two specific websites


it happens from multiple devices (3 laptops, 1 tablet, 2 phones), multiple browsers.


Diagnostics steps


Tablet - disconnected WiFi and accessed successfully through cellular connection.


Laptop - connected the laptop directly to the ISP modem via ethernet cable, bypassing the router, and it was successful.


Standard Reset of both the model and router - No success


From all devices, I cleared cache, no success.


Router - I reset to the factory defaults and reconfigured from scracth - No success

            - I changed the default DNS setting to the google of - No success


ARP - tried clearing the ARP table from my laptop - No success


Spoke with the ISP service - they didn't have any additional trouble shooting ideas.


Searched the netgear community and saw one similar issue with in Apr of 2020 but that post had no responses.


Looking for any other creative solutions

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Re: R7300 - timeout connecting to specific websites

You could try to ping from your CMD window and then use the IP address from the ping in the web browser and see if that pulls up the web site could be some strange DNS issues happening.



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Re: R7300 - timeout connecting to specific websites

Thank you Darren

I had tried that already as well as flushing DNS. Didn't make a difference.

I could ping the url, trace route returns with Target's 107. address, but the timeout still happens from the browser using the IP or URL.
Keep the ideas coming....
Model: R7300DST|AC1900 DST Router and DST Adapter
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Re: R7300 - timeout connecting to specific websites

Have you tried incognito mode or using a VPN to see If the web site works?



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