R7500 - Dynamic QOS slows down internet


R7500 - Dynamic QOS slows down internet

Hey guys,


just wanted to share my latest observation on the dynamic QOS implemented in the Nighthawk X4 R7500. I've been using this router with a 1 Gbit/s internet connection for a few days and I've wondered why I'm not receiving the full 1 GBit/s on all the speedtests there are (PC directly connected with LAN cable). I've always measured a maximum speed of 200 Mbit/s.  It turned out, that the dynamic QOS of the R7500 was causing the slowdown. After disabling this feature the speeds went up to 800-900 MBit/s.


So just as a hint: if you have a very fast internet connection --> disable Dynamic QOS. It probably makes only sense for connections <100 MBit/s.

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Re: R7500 - Dynamic QOS slows down internet

Hi Flasher,


Here is the KB article for dynamic QoS. If you have 300Mbps throughput or faster then you do not need Dynamic QoS. This is only applicable if you have 250Mbps or less.

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Re: R7500 - Dynamic QOS slows down internet

I must say, a year later, Flasher's statement holds true. I see 50Mbps down with QoS on and 150+ w/o it on a supposedly 200mbs connection.

JamesGL, I would have saved hours of my time if those intructions read, "100Mbps or faster". Following my tests, it is extrmemely clear that even with high priority set, QoS cut my speed by 1/3.
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