Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I think you can also log into the router, go to Advanced, Administration, Backup Settings and then choose Erase.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I tried this and reset to factory defaults.  Router worked for a few hours, then dropped connection again.  This happened for both my wired and wireless connections.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Most of the issues with the R7500 were with the wireless connection.  The fact that you also lose connection with the wired as well, suggests that the error might be something else.  How is your R7500 connected to the internet - a direct connection to a modem?    Have you first tried connecting a computer directly to the modem to verify that the internet connection itself is stable?  If so, it is worth looking at the modem settings to see whether the modem and router are conflicting (e.g. both acting as DHCP servers).  You can, for instance, set your router into Access Point mode to make it only act as wireless connection point and wired switch, and see if things are stable then.  If that works, then it suggests that some of the additional router functions are conflicting with your modem, and you would need to figure out where this was.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

It connects via a modem.  If I connect my PC directly to the modem, it works totally fine.


When I am having the connection problems, if I reset the Netgear, it works for asome amount of time, and then dies.  That "some" amount of time can range from 5 minutes, to a few hours.  I will literally be browsing a web page fine, and then it just stops working.  I repeat this same reset pattern >10 times a night.


I don't see how it could be any conflict between the modem and the router.  The modem is basic and doesn't have anything like built in wireless.  And, the modem is NOT acting as a DHCP server -- the Netgear does that.  It's not that it doesn't work--it's that it's flakey and intermittent.  I have had the same config for a number of months where it was reasonably ok (e.g. reset once a week or so).  Just recently it's gotten significantly less stable and unusable.


And, yes, it has similar bad behavior for Wired and Wireless.  I will be browsing on the Wired PC, and it will just stop working.  I reset the modem, it works for a little bit, then cuts out again.


For the Wireless, it seems to follow a similar pattern of inconsistency.


It also seems to follow a pattern when both stop working at the same time -- meaning, it seems the wired and wireless fail together at the same time.  I don't think I've seen a case where the wired worked, and the wireless wasn't.


Also, to be clear, I am skeptical that it's just my config when literally dozens of people are having the same symptoms.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

@Creakydoor   Well, I have this router and with the firmware it has been 100% stable and fast with a fairly complex home network and a fast internet connection of 200/20 Mbps.   So this router can work fine.  I would always hesistate to extrapolate from a number of posts on a support forum to a view on the product itself - by definition, support forums only get posts from people seeking support!  You don't hear from the other x thousand happy users.   So, back to your problem, the issue is either a hardware fault with your router (so return it an get a new one), or it is a configuration issue or device conflict.   You could try returning straight away, or alternatively do some trouble shooting to identify the configuration issue.  To troubleshoot, you need to start with the most basic configuration possible, and build up until it fails.  The simplest configuration is to make the router run in access point modem, turn off the wifi, and connect a single wired device.  Then build up the complexity.  If it fails on the first test, you know it is a hardware issue.  What is your modem model?

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Thanks for the comments. My comment about the prevalence of the issue is also reflected in the Comments on Amazon for the R7500, of which many reflect the same exact intermittent connection issue. Consider yourself lucky that you got a good one. Smiley Happy

As for me, I've requested an RMA for it. I've already spent multiple hours troubleshooting and working around something that was working in the past and should "just work". So I will see if it's a hardware issue.
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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Having done a second factory reset since .94 and the issue seeming even worse, I'm going to have to try to RMA.


Weirdly, my laptop running a 3x3 extreme intel wifi chipset is rock solid and my old phone was fine (oneplus one), but my playstations and nexus devices (6p, player and 9) drop a lot, as do things like printers.


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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I tried the factory reset and it didn't help. So I got an RMA. Got the new router (R7500v2) and still have the same intermittent issues.

Here's where it gets weird. It seems like the modem (arris 822) and the router get out of sync with each other and when they do, the connection gets flakey and doesn't recover. What I have found works for a little bit is simply unplug the Ethernet cable from the back of the modem and plug it back in and things work for a bit until they get unstable. This same "trick" worked for both my old and new router, but is clearly not a solution since I have to do it all the time.

Also note: I also got a brand new cable modem and had service at my house to make sure everything was good from their side. Everything checked out--but I still have the same intermittent problem with the new router and the new cable modem.

There's got be something I'm missing here. Are there diagnostic logs that can be turned on that will collect additional info from the router to help troubleshoot?
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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I was able to capture a network trace of the issue when the modem and router stopped talking well, and when I unplugged and re plugged in the Ethernet cable. Any advice what to look for that may offer a clue?
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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Hi Creakydoor,


I would suggest going back to support team with this issue to further investigate since even the upgraded router has the same problem.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Just finished troubleshooting with netgear.  Their response was "take the device back, it is defective." The support engineer recommended the r7000 or the r8000.  Seems a lot of issues regarding the 5ghz processing on these devices.  Not everyone has it, but it does appear a majority do. firmware.  Luckily I just purchased mine last week and I will be returning. I might gamble on another one as I would like the speed and the price is nice @ 149 (pricematching bestbuy to walmart). 


My advice, if you want an easy setup with no hassles, don't buy this one.  If you don't mind tinkering and know how to recognize if the device is faulty, go for it... great hardware for the money... if it works. 

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Lucky u. Mine is also defective... i need to pay 30 euro transportation... under warranty. Or free but then i will be 1 week without router.. internet... wich is impossible for my home security...
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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Guys, what troubleshooting steps did you go through with Netgear to determine they were defective? I'd love to try them myself.

I'm on my second one now (R7500 and R7500v2) and hearing lots of people saying they are defective is a bit scary.
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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

JamesGL, per your advice, I contacted Netgear support about the ongoing issue with the brand new router that was sent to me.


I was responded to with the standard form letter saying that I don't have support since I'm out of my 90 day window.


Any other options for getting support on this new, 2 week old router?

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I have still wifi connection droppings. What can I do to resolve this? Go back to previous firmware? Will new firmware solve the problem?

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Hi Rivadi_NL,


Is it on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

How many devices are affected?


Please check the KB article below for some troubleshooting steps.


If same thing happens, try to perform a factory reset.

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

At this point, I am beginning to look for alternate uses for my R7500.  It's wedge design could make for a great laptop stand.


Joking aside...has anyone tried shutting down the wireless radios completely and testing for stability of the wired network? I have a EX7000 as AP and really like the performance of the R7500 for basic NAS duties.  I am going to try this setup (R7500 radios off) and report back to you all if network stability/crashes still occur.  If you haven't heard from me in a few days, then my R7500 is still working without radios.


Keep you posted.  


Good luck everyone, I know how frustrating this can be!

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Update:  Shutting off the wireless radios had no effect on the R7500 crash issue.  The Router exhibited the same crash problem after roughly 8 hours of wired only use.  Does this mean the router is defective/broken?

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

I am seeing the exact same issue with a brand new D7800. The wireless is fine, but at least once a day, sometimes two or three times the Internet will drop with both wireless channels still active and the router reboot is the only solution.


I am sending this back to Amazon without hesitation

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Re: R7500 Keep Dropping Connection

Question regarding your setup...


Did you have a USB drive attached to your R7800?


I opted for the R8500 and thus far have been more than satisfied with its performance.  I am not ready to go full out recommendation yet as I have only had it for two weeks.  But after I get it through it's paces I will repost.  Hopefully, we won't see a recurrence of the same issues the R7500 and R7800 have had.

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