Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)


R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

Hi folks, I am happy to see that one of the biggest problems I had with the router was lack of manual tuning for QOS... I see the beata has that included... Some devices do not register so they get set to low... In my case it made it unusable due to work devices... Excited to try out the new FW.

Second and ongoing problem for me is the HDD support. I have two older (2 years or so old) WD My Book drives (2 and a 3 TB). I have only tested with the 3 TB drive so far and I can tell you that it will disappear from the router at any given point in time... Even while I am streaming from it... So it's not nessasairly an idle thing or power save thing (don't know). The part number for the drive is - WDBACW0030HBK-01 it's not on the approved drive list:
Any way... Any help from you folks would be awesome... Can the support be expanded for other drives? Worst case... I was looking at dell's list of external drives... I try to purchase all my gear from them... Any idea if one of them will work? I don't see any of the drives part numbers on the site for Dell... Really if the router could be made more comparable it would be a lot of help to me.

Anyone try an aftermarket external drive enclosure? Been wondering if I remove my drive and place it in another enclosure if my trouble will go away as well.

I use the router for streaming media so lack of HDD support makes it tough. It

Thanks for any thought or ideas
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Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

I wanted o get back to you folks and let you know that I may of had a failing HDD... I switched drives and its been up over 24 hours. Quite a coincidence but I have the 3 TB drive plugged into my PC, and I can see it go off and on through out the day... So that being said, I am unsure of what the HDD support looks like. I have just now updated the router to the .76 FW... will try out the QOS

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Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

xXMyrddinXx wrote:
Can the support be expanded for other drives?

TBH 90% of the drives will probably work fine.

The reason "lists" exists are because these are known/confirmed working devices.

FAR too many variances exists to ever have a complete list. You have hundreds of HDD models and those can have hundreds of other firmware revisions or OEM customizations etc etc. now take into account all the different enclosures, firmware etc. etc. and you see it's really impossible to get a good list.

Now is that to say everything WILL work? Course not, but in most cases things should work because of standards. These routes aren't too far off from being a Linux computer and are finally getting proper/better drivers for better performance.

It sucks though I know, it's just like motherboards and RAM. People want to know things are going to work and not have to worry but you either stick with what's on the lists or try it out. TBH even if it's on the list doesn't mean much as hardware, firmware and software changes over time on drives, enclosures etc. which could make something no longer compatible.
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Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

Well put... and I agree... it would be pretty hard to account for them all. I guess I was put off due to the first drive, but I am 100% positive that its jacked, unsure if its the enclosure board or the drive, but no matter... it was not the router. This past FW that has gone out was a nice improvement... across the board i notice smoother operation.

Thanks I will keep an eye out for more int he future.
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Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

While I am at it.. Can any of you tell me if the R7500 has a HDD size limit? If I get a 6 Tb drive and plug it in will it see all 6 TB?
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Re: R7500 hard drive support (list needs to grow)

Size limit is 4TB.
Please see the link below for the list of HDD.
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