R7500 local dns


R7500 local dns

Hi Everyone


has anyone had any luck getting the internal DNS to work from this router?


I can ping each device by its hostname on wireless but not on my wired network, baring in mind I cannot trust my webserver

to run on wireless.....


I have not best been happy with the router, i've had a faulty one to start which crashed atleast once A day so much for quality control on a £200 router, I cannot attach ANY wireless repeaters to this router as they will not resolve to the internet, tested with tp-link, netgear and the highly rated RE6500 linksys extender....


and this one issue which is the most annoying as im a developer and DNS is a big part of testing my webserver...


please let me know if there is a work around for this.



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Re: R7500 local dns

Hi @mooseyman,


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When wireless devices are wired to the router, can you still ping the hostname? Are the PCs IP address obtain or static? Have you disabled your firewall?



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Re: R7500 local dns

apologies James I sent a reply last week and for some odd reason it never came through.


When a wireless device is attached by the wire, it is not longer pingable by the hostname, only devices on the wireless can be pinged via their hostname.


There are some static and some DHCP, I have 22 devices attached to my network.


I haven't disabled the firewall, that would not be in my best interest as i have vunerable servers behind the router, as they are for developement purposes.

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Re: R7500 local dns

Try adding hostname on your local host file :


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Re: R7500 local dns

hi there storm, I am a linux specialist, I am well aware with defining a hostname useing /etc/hosts and etc/hostname 😉

but i have placed trial and error on this situation, if I plug a wifi adater into my linux server its pingable, via ethernet it is non pingable.


Thank for the adivce though i apprecate it.

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