R7800-100NAS blocking wireless bridge to second router

I setup a new R7800 to get stronger wifi in the house. I also have a Wireless bridge from the house to the office.

The bridge worked when i installed the router and I was getting internet on second router in office.


A couple weeks later the bridge failed. I can log into both ubiquiti Loco5's from the office but not to the 7800

from the office. If I plug into the 7800 and try to log into them I cannot. If I unplug the bridge from the router

and plug directly into my laptop I can log into both loco's on the bridge so I know it is working.


For some reason the 7800 is blocking traffic to the office over the bridge.


The google smart speaker quit at the same time, It can see the nighthawk wifi but cannot connect to it anymore.


Hope someone can give me some help me sort this out.


The router is default firmware and pretty much default settings.

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