R7800 - Fibre modem passing slow speeds



Recently moved house and went from a DSL connection to fibre. This came with a new ISP and a new ISP provided modem/router.  ISP is virgin media, modem/router they provided is a SuperHub3.0


I can connect the nighthawk to the modem successfully (having the ISP modem in both 'modem' mode and 'router' mode), but I only get a max of 90Mbps on both wifi and ethernet. Using the ISP provided modem/router I get 220Mbps on both.


Tried on both most up to date firmware from NG as well as Voxels.


First question would be - any idea on how I can resolve this with the current equipment?

Follow up would be - if not, what devices should I replace, and with what?





Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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