R7800 Know issue with Intel 7260/3160


R7800 Know issue with Intel 7260/3160

Ever since R7800 Firmware v1.0.2.04 Released, there has been a note about:

Known Issues:

  • Intel 7260/3160 has connection problem with R7800 when the HT160 is enabled. This issue is due to Intel driver bug(s). Intel is looking into this.

Which is a bug from June 22, 2016. Any update that when will this be fixed?


I am using a laptop with 7260.

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: R7800 Know issue with Intel 7260/3160

Know it is frustrating that a known bug is so old and not fixed, but HT80 is probably faster then your Internet so is this really a problem or just a it should be fixed by now? 

Not sure Netgear gives a f%^k about the customer and fixing firmware in my experience with a r8000p which is no longer in my house. 



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Re: R7800 Know issue with Intel 7260/3160

It was probably a bug with the Qualcomm driver, which I assume needed updates from Qualcomm. I have a 7260ac in an old laptop and I use HT160 as I also have a HT160 capable 9260ac in another laptop so the 910Mbps transfer rate helps with transfers from my NAS to laptop. Anyhow my 7260ac laptop seems to comnect fine to the router even with HT160 enabled, so I assume the issue was fixed in newer QCA wireless firmware.
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