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R7800 - Large file downloads to android stopped working after last firmware download

I have been using an Western Digital External USB 3 TB drive with my R7800 for 3 years.  It has worked flawlessly this whole time.  I've been able to stream to ANY device (PC, Phone, Tablet, TV) on the router (either wireless or ethernet).  I've been able to quickly copy large data files up and down from any type of device (Windows PC, Android Phone or tablet, and iOS phones and tablets) and a newer LG TV


UNTIL I downloaded and installed that latest firmware (V1.0.2.68) to the R7800 a few days ago.


Now with any Android device I can still upload large files, but a cannot download OR stream any large files (i.e. video file) them.  And the streaming to the TV is now flakey.  


I've gone through every setting I could think of, but so far same thing on EVERY Android. 


Any thoughts from those in the know out there?

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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