R7800 VPN Service not working


R7800 VPN Service not working



I recently purchased this router. I am on the lastest firmware: V1.0.2.68


I want to connect to my router from my phone using OpenVPN. However I am constantly getting an error while trying to connect. 


Here are the steps which I followed - 


In the router settings Advanced > Advanced Setup > Dynamic DNS > setup a DDNS service via the Netgear NOIP link. It is now active. 

When I clock "Show status" it updates succesfully [<mydomainname> updated successfully at 01:58 PM, 03/08/2020]


Then  VPN Service > Enable VPN Service. 12973 UDP and 12974 UDP.  Download the config file, install and import the profile in my phone (android). 

When I hit connect, the OpenVPN Log shows - 


Connecting to [<mydomainname>]:12973 (IP address) via UDP4




and it goes on and on and ultimately gives up.



Any idea how to get this working?
I also turned on "Remote management" and cannot access <mydomainname> from any browser. 


Any help will be appreciated. 

I reached out to Netgear support via email (I have 3 months complementary support), but they never replied back. 

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: R7800 VPN Service not working

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