R7800 seperate network connection for work laptop

I work from home alot and would like to setup a wired connection for my work laptop that is 100% isolated from my home network. Is this possible with the R7800? I see lots of griping about this router's lack of VLAN support and am guessing that's what would be needed to achieve my request? If this is the case, then the griping is justified!


Also I know that I can utilize the guest wifi feature but unfortunately it doesnt shut off automatically as it should so I would rather not leave that on unless I have "guests" over. What I am asking for with the wired connection doesnt seem like a crazy request for an advanced router like this one....



Firmware V1.0.2.20NA


Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: R7800 seperate network connection for work laptop

Welcome to the community, @Jeffro58


It's not possible to separate your work laptop from the rest of the network using this home router.

There is no VLAN feature on this router.

The VLAN feature that is available on home router is not meant to configure the LAN side of the network.

It is designed to separate the WAN services provided the ISP. Some ISP's separate Internet, IPTV and other telephony services and that's why it's used. 

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