R7900P Not Achieving Gigabit Speeds Consistently

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone can rescue me from either my ignorance or this router. 

The Hardware
Xfinity XB7 Modem: in bridged mode - Router in is connected to 2.5Gbps port to ensure throughput. When testing my PC directly to modem I am using a 1Gbps port.
R7900P: Firmware Version Port 1 goes to my PC. Port 4 goes to a printer that is powered off.
Ethernet Cables: Cat6

PC: Asus B450F with 1Gbps NIC

This all started with an upgrade to Gigabit speeds back in December. I had xfinity's XB6 Gateway Modem and I never achieved Gigabit speeds on it, even connected directly to the modem via Ethernet. Long story short I just accepted it as I didn't want to deal with it. Fast forward, I upgraded to the XB7 Gateway Modem and now I achieve full Gigabit speeds 990mbps+ down and 40mbps+ up when I am connected to the XB7 via ethernet. Obviously WiFi isn't going to get this as WiFi 6 is still pretty new, so I don't care about WiFi in this thread.

The problem is when I connect the ethernet cable from my PC to the R7900P router I can only achieve 450mbps or less consistently even though doing a speed test from the router on the QoS page said I was getting full 990mbps down and 43mbps up. During troubleshooting I was able to achieve the 990mbps down and 40mbps+ up but only for a brief amount of time. To achieve this I performed a factory reset, set the router back up standard and ensured the following were disabled in the first round - QoS, WMM for the 2.4GHz channel and WAN Aggregation with no change to speeds. Second round I disabled Access Control and rebooted and then I was rocking at 990Mbps down.

I restored my config and went through the settings and made sure QoS, and WMM for the 2.4GHz and WAN Aggregation were disabled. After the router rebooted I did a speed test I was getting 990mbps down speeds again and I hadn't disabled Access control yet. So I proceeded with disabling access control and then my speeds went back down to sub 400mbps. I reconnected my ethernet cable from my PC to the XB7 modem and sure enough 990mbps still coming down. I'm stumped.

I am not sure what in the heck is going on here. Are there any owners here that can confirm the R7900P is able to server gigabit speeds over ethernet or should I just junk this thing and buy a better router?

Model: R7900P|Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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Re: R7900P Not Achieving Gigabit Speeds Consistently

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