R7900P WiFi Speeds


R7900P WiFi Speeds

I just bought this router from Costco today and went through the setup and updated the firmware. The fatest speeds I am getting over WiFi is 50 mbps. When I plug in to a wired connection I get 450 mbps. When I go to the Dynamic QoS tab on the router it shows that speed as 477 mbps down. I've tried using both 2 Ghz and 5 Ghz and changing different channels and I can't get over 50 mbps. What am I doing wrong? I'm about to return this device. 

Model: R7900P|Nighthawk X6S Smart WiFi Router with MU-MIMO
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Re: R7900P WiFi Speeds

Also, I did do a factory reset after installing the lastest firmware and still the same. I can't get above 50 mbps. 

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Re: R7900P WiFi Speeds

Is QoS on? Turn it off.


What is the device and the network adapter in it? That speed could be normal, doubt it, but possible. I assume you've measured it using the speed test, right? Also if on 5Ghz then you have a dual-band I assume and that speed is way too low.


Also, have you security mode? Some can slow you down. Test with none to be sure.


No Traffic Meter enabled either.


Has this speed been high befoe on another router?

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