R7900P firmware version V1.4.1.68_1.3.28 issues


R7900P firmware version V1.4.1.68_1.3.28 issues

I upgraded my R7900P router to firmware version V1.4.1.68_1.3.28 and found 3 issues:

  1. In the router http tool ... in Attached Devices the Connection Type for all devices is listed as "--".
  2. In the Nighthawk app ... in Device Manager only the first 5Ghz band is listed, the second 5Ghz band is not listed.
  3. In the Nighthawk app ... in Device Manager the signal strength is always 1 bar for all devices.

Since I'm not able to connect with the Nighthawk app with V1.4.1.66, I'm rolling back to V1.4.1.64 again until a version is released that resolves these issues.

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Re: R7900P firmware version V1.4.1.68_1.3.28 issues

Having similar issue.  Have rolled back to .64.  Not being able to connect with the App, which is being pushed as teh best to interact with the device, is a major oversight in the QA process.

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Re: R7900P firmware version V1.4.1.68_1.3.28 issues

I have the R7960P Nighthawk Router. The last 2 firmware upgrades (V1.4.1.66... and V1.4.1.68...) have caused me major headaches. Each time after upgrading the firmware, which I've been unable to do via the Nighthawk app--despite Netgear's encouragement do use for all router management issues--I then have lost the ability to even log-in to the Nighthawk app. Each time the solution for me has been the following:

1) Download the firmware upgrade file from Netgear's website to my PC

2) Manually upgrade the firmware via the router's website (on my PC)

It is at this point that I lose the ability to access my Nighthawk app. It states that I'm not connected to wifi--but I am. 

3) Do a factory reset on the router. (As an aside, Netgear's placement of the reset button, right next to the power cord, makes it difficult and awkward to hold a paperclip in the recess button for ~30 seconds.)

4) Change the DNS Addresses (from automatic) as follows: Primary (Google), and Secondary

5) Uninstall and then re-install my Nighthawk app on my iPhone (11 pro).

This re-establishes my access to my Nighthawk app on my iPhone, but because of the factory reset on the router I lose all my router settings: wifi names and passwords, as well as the custom identification of all my connected devices.

6) Login to the router's GUI website interface to change the wifi network names and passwords. I just change them back to what they were prior to the factory reset--this enables all of my connected devices to automatically re-connect to the network.

The next step is the biggest headache in this process:

7) Track down the IP addresses of all my network's connected devices (I currently have 15) and re-label them correctly. Post router factory reset, nearly all of the connected devices have incorrect names (many of them duplicates) making it difficult to tell what's what.

Anyways, this firmware upgrade process has worked for me (twice now), but it's not easy. I do appreciate that Netgear is actively upgrading its router firmware, but they really need to improve the customer experience.

Model: R7900P|Nighthawk X6S AC3000 Tri Band WiFi Router
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