R7900P, range extender, or second R7900P?


R7900P, range extender, or second R7900P?

So I recently received news that my company is shutting down our office and laying off a ton of people... Fortunately, I received an offer to work remotely from home...yay? So I'm now trying to frantically set up a home office with lab environment.

My router is upstairs in a tiny network closet and my new office will be downstairs. I have about 5-8 computers that I'll be needing Ethernet for. I rent the house I'm in so I don't want to run Ethernet. What is my next best option?

Range extender? I'm also considering buying a secondary R7900P because they are on sale at Costco. I could set it up in bridge mode downstairs?

My main goal here is the ability to hook a gigabit switch downstairs up to the router upstairs wirelessly without running into any sort of wireless bottleneck...I don't know what range extenders support gigabit wireless over AC? Or if the R7900P bridge mode will support gigabit+ AC wireless either. I tried googling around, but couldn't find any info on bridge mode connection speeds for the R7900P, I also skimmed through the whole manual.

Any help appreciated...
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Re: R7900P, range extender, or second R7900P?

Apparently I suck at googling, immediately after posting this, I found some dual band AC range extenders with built in gigabit Ethernet ports.

However, still interested to see what anyone would like to recommend.

I have an older AC1900 TPLINK router I'm going to test out in bridge mode first to see if that will do what I need. Otherwise I'll order a range extender.
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Re: R7900P, range extender, or second R7900P?

Another option if you cannot run an Ethernet cable is a Ethernet over powerline unit. These typically work well. 

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