R8000 Excellent Experience

I have been truly pleased with my R8000 since receiving it. Immediately upon setting up I was able to update the firmware with no issue. Mine is running in PPoE mode with a bridged CenturyLink router. I have my port forwarding for vnc, ssh, imap, smtp, ftp, and LT2P vpn services all working perfectly.

I found the OpenVPN config to be a little annoying since the mobile devices I use do not support it. (So why even bother Netgear!) But I can live without since I run vpn from a server anyways.

Overall, connections have been good for all devices in the home with no disconnects or dropouts. I have found the range to be consistent with the R7000. Despite the lack of QOS configuration, my SIP endpoint has been working well.

Nice work Netgear! Good looking device that is capable and efficient!
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Are you? Really, Wow!!!at least someone is happy.
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Well, another person is happy. Smiley Happy
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Redtulips7 wrote:
Are you? Really, Wow!!!at least someone is happy.

Shocking isn't it? : )

These new units always attract early adopters. And by early adopters I mean techies that are vocal. It is a good thing since those very techies drive the manufacturer to correct defects. Something tells me though that the vast majority of satisfied users do not even access the forum or choose to post if they are satisfied.

So although I do not feel like doing a free commercial for Netgear on Amazon's rating/review section, or posting on their Facebook page, I am ok with conveying my experiences with fellow forum users.

Ideally though I can just check for firmware from time to time, and keep on rolling glitch free. Loving the R8000!
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

I'd like to add myself as another happy R8000 (coming from a R7000) owner thus far...

I considered myself a good R8000 candidate as I have so many wifi devices at the house that my entire family owns (like a lot of us do) and the idea of the extra 5ghz radio sounded awesome.

I picked one up on Saturday, got it home and started to set it up, but the R8000 would not pull an IP address from my ISP.

I called my ISP and they could see the router (which I confirmed with them telling me the mac address of the R8000) but after several reboots of router and modem, the R8000 simply would not get an IP address and would never connect to the internet.

So I returned it yesterday and hesitantly, I figured I would give another R8000 a try and I am very happy I did.

Setup was a breeze and with all my wifi devices connected, I was still getting a link rate over 800Mbps on my Surface Pro 3 from about 40' away.

This router will hold me over until they come out with MU-MIMO tri band or quad band. Smiley Very Happy

Granted, it has only been up just over 24hrs, but so far so pleased.

I am looking forward to putting the just released firmware on it tonight.
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Aye.. generally what many people on the internet fail to realize (or care to realize, more likely) is that when something works right... rarely do people bother to 'gang up' on the manufacturer... for them, it 'just works'.

In some cases, however, the way that someone uses a device is unplanned for.. and realistically, you can't plan for every possible scenario.

A few years ago, several of us moderators managed to isolate one of those 'this is a piece of junk' issues that several users were having.

It turned out the situation was very VERY specific, and all 5-6 of the users just happened to fall into this scenario.

I believe it was the first gen MR814 series of router (though, it may have been the v2... can't quite remember).

Anyhow.. it turned out that every one of the users had a refrigerator on the other side of the wall where they had their router, AND had a tube based TV/Monitor within a couple of feet. It seems the dual EMF being created by both devices were throwing the device for a loop.

Of course, 3 of the users that were experiencing problems were overly vocal about the issue.. calling it a 'piece of junk' and 'useless'... etc..etc..

However, what many people seem to forget (especially here in the states) is that for a device to pass through the FCC, it has to not only not produce any interference, but it must also ACCEPT all interference.

Personally, I understand people get upset when something doesn't work exactly as they had planned (I'm guilty of it too), but it doesn't excuse the way some people act on the net, dissolving into not much more than a simple temper tantrum.

An example of a 'temper tantrum' is someone posting: 'This thing SUCKS!!!!! GOODBYE FOREVER NETGEAR!!'.

For people like that... I'm simply think: 'Ok.. fine.. it doesn't do what YOU expect it to do, or it doesn't work in your situation... but if you think anyone else cares that your feelings are hurt over it.. you're sadly mistaken'.

All I ask, (on the entire internet would be nice, but at least here would suffice) is that people conduct themselves in a decent manner.

In fact.. those people that helped with my example above (and we're rude about it), may have had a few moderators go out of their way and send them some gear that DID work in their situation.

(We may not be employees of Netgear, but it doesn't mean many of us operate in the IT field, and have access to gear that may actually help people out Smiley Happy

Oh.. and to bring this conversation back on track... I've installed 2 X6's so far.. and zero problems with them yet. (and trust me.. I'd have heard from those clients if there were) Perhaps they're operating in the 'perfect environment'... I don't know... but there's not been any complaints yet Smiley Wink
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

That is good to hear your clients are also rocking well with the X6!

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

My experience with Netgear products have been good. However, their support model is the worst. After 30 days you are basically screwed. When you call support after 30 days they just turn into support sales people. I bought support and it turned out to be a quick solution to my issue. I just felt like they had me in a corner and wanted the support money more than trying to keep a satisfied customer.

The R6300 rollout (v1 & v2) was not cool.....and no fw updates....

I will be looking into ASUS when its time to upgrade my router. If ASUS does not have a better support model than I may come back to look at Netgear's offerings.

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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

I just checked Netgear support site, , it say within 90 days... I guess if they are selling the Premium support within that 90 days, I would get that support agent id and ask to speak to their manager.

Basic Phone Support – within 90 days of purchase

Get free phone support for registered NETGEAR products within 90 days of a new purchase.

English Support:

Home products: (408)-638-3750 or
1-888-NETGEAR (1-888-638-4327)

Business products: 1-855-ProSafe (1-855-776-7233)

Disclaimer: Free phone support is limited to 90 days only from date of purchase. Refurbished Products are not entitled for phone support.

Premium Phone Support – after 90 days

After 90 days, phone support is available at a nominal charge. Premium phone support is also available to help you with advanced features, interfacing with non-NETGEAR products and configuring large networks.
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Sorry I should have said 90 days.

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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

I generally tend to agree, Mark.

The biggest problem, from what I understand, however is that the Tier 1 group don't always escalate calls to the Tier2+ group.

Now, whether or not this is to save face, or just simply out of laziness... I can't speak to.

However, I will openly state the Tier2 (and higher) folks are generally VERY good at their jobs... not that it matters if you can't get to them.

That's the nice thing about forums... a lot of times, it saves you the hassle of ever having to call (tier1) support in the first place Smiley Happy
~ Shadowlore
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

So far, I'm happy with the X6. I have the R7000 the X6 replaced. Seems a bit stronger - we will see in time. I know one thing; they both beat the pants off the R6300; that was a miserable experience.

Just my 2 pennies.
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

Mark_K wrote:
I will be looking into ASUS when its time to upgrade my router. If ASUS does not have a better support model than I may come back to look at Netgear's offerings.

My experience with ASUS was that their techsupport is useless beyond basic setup and troubleshooting. I tried to get my UML290 to work on an AC1900 and there techsupport didn't even know what I was trying to do. Really, they had no idea about 3G/4G router functionality that has been around in their routers for a long time. I think it's just par for the course. I read some good support reviews for AMPED routers.
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Re: R8000 Excellent Experience

I see you over at ASUS forum site. At least they have a good forum support.
AMPED is very interesting....

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