Re: R8000 Firmware Problems


R8000 Firmware Problems

I posted the below as a reply to a existing thread but that thread is about WiFi problem with Android devices where as my problem is wider as the WiFi random dropping problem is with Win10 machines as well.


I tried for R8000 and experienced random WiFi disconnect issues. The WiFi drop out is on the 2.4GHz band and it is with a Win10 machine. In addition, has worse speed performance than over WiFi according to SpeedTest. It has about 20 - 25% less WiFi speed according to SpeedTest when comparing with


Downgraded to and all is well again. It looks like 1.0.4.* release have problems or device compatibility issues with both Windows and Android devices. have been rock solid for months but I thought I would try given it has latest security fixes.


IMHO. Netgear should be doing more regression testing before releasing. I guess the rapid release cycle is the current bandwagon - let the public be the guinea pig / beta testers.


I hope NetGear can look into these issues and fix them in a a future release.

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

I recently purchased the R8000, installed it, updated to Firmware V1.0.4.4 like Genie suggested, and had wifi with internet on multiple Windows laptops, multiple MacBooks, and multiple iPhones. But none of my Android devices (Samsung S5, S7, Tab3, Blackberry Priv) would get Internet, despite showing a connected Wifi with a strong connection. These devices had connected wifi with Internet outside of my home (where the R8000 was installed) so it had to be the router, despites spending hours trying to troubleshoot this as an Android problem.


The solution was to downgrade to Firmware V1.0.3.54. That solved the problem on all devices immediately.


Hopefully this saves you the 5 hours I've wasted on this problem!

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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

Alas, I had to go through the same 5 hrs of pain to reach the same conclusion. But, just wanted to add that it seemed to affect wired devices, I could ping other things on the internal network, but the router flat refused to send anything out to the Internet.

Hope that helps someone.

Any update on this issue Netgear?
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

If I were you I would not hold my breath waiting for a response from NetGear.


The Netgear of new is not the same as the Netgear of old anymore. The new Netgear keeps releasing firmware which have serious bugs which make devices unusable. The forum is full of posts on how Netgear firmwares are crapped and yet there is no comms on when the bugs will be fixed or even acknowledging the problem. Netgear did not even have the courtesy to pull the buggy firmware knowing that it did not work.


For the record. was released in Nov. It is now nearly 3 months and we hear nothing from Netgear.


Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

I agree. The response that I got back when I raised the issue (and my resolution of it) with them was their canned response and suggested a reboot of the router. Gee, why didn't I think of doing that?


Response from NETGEAR

Thank you for taking the time to contact us at NETGEAR Email support. 

This is Rose with Expert ID 46415 and I will do my best to assist you with your query. 

Your NETGEAR R8000's warranty details are as follows: 

•Purchase date: Nov 23, 2017 
•Basic technical support (from purchase date): 90 days 
•Hardware warranty (from purchase date): 1 year 

We also have other support options available for you: 

• Phone support: 1-888-NETGEAR (1-888-638-4327
• Live chat support: 
• Self-help web articles: 
• NETGEAR Forums: 
• GearHead Premium Services:

I see that your device is missing registration information. In order for me to complete the registration, may I have you verify the name of the reseller/retailer you purchased the product from? 

Going back to the reason of your contact, as I understand, the devices like your Windows laptops, MAC books, and iPhones are working but the Android devices are not. With this, I would suggest to power cycle your Home Network. To power cycle your Home Network, please kindly refer to this KB link: 

It would also be a great help if you could provide the following information. 
1. What is the model of your previous router? 
2. Have you run the Netgear Genie during the setup? 
3. What is the current firmware version of your Netgear R8000? 

For additional information about your product, please visit 

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email for us to further assist you. Do not hesitate to reply anytime you want as we are available 24/7. 

To reply to this email, please log into 

Thank you for choosing NETGEAR


Expert ID: 46415 
NETGEAR Support Expert 
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

Same here.  Confirmed 2X.  Downgraded firmware to and my speeds went back up to 353.47 / 34.84...Any of the two newer firmwares including the latest I can get only up to 250-290.  


i have a 350/35 service.



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

Hi JameGL,


May I ask what level of regressing testing and post production testing does NetGear does before you release a firmware?


TerryPh in another thread has already reported that the latest v1.0.4.12 is still buggy and not working. See thread below.


Not wanting to be rude ... we are consumers who buy Netgear products believing that we are getting a good product which just works. The reality is firmware upgrade screws up the router more times than I care to count. I am afraid we are not beta testers for NetGear.



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

Hi SmallTrader,


I understand that TerryPh have reported an issue with the latest firmware but that doesn't mean that everyone is affected unless you can confirm that the issue happens to you with the latest firmware. 


You have to consider the environment and number of devices connected. Not everyone has the same network environment.

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Re: R8000 Firmware Problems

Hi JamesGL,


You missed my point. I am over doing unpaid beta testing for NetGear. Why should I keep using Production Release firmware and then waste hours or days of my time.


The onus is on Netgear to do proper testing on firmware before. Untill I can see evidence of that happening, I am not preapred to waste more time upgrading firmware. And for that matter, I most likely will never buy Netgear again given my bad experience.

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