R8000 Slow Wired Speeds

Just moved to a new house and changed ISP from Spectrum to Continuum. No issues on my router config on Spectrum (200 down / 10 up). Continuum service is 500 down / 20 up, but wired or wireless, I get around 100 down / 20 up.


If I hardwire to modem I get 490 down / 20 all seems fine with internet connection to modem. Modem is an Arris CM3200.


I have current firmware release ( V1.0.4.28_10.1.54 ) and have done a factory reset. No QoS or Traffic Metering. MTU is 1500 when I direct connect to modem, same as router default.


Previously, I've had no issues with speed and have had speed greater than 400MB down with other ISPs. This ISP is delivering 500MB down to the modem, but for some reason I'm getting only about 20% of that through the router.


Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: R8000 Slow Wired Speeds - RESOLVED

TL;DR Tried a different cable and resolved issue.


After pouring through configurations on both modem and router, performing factory reset twice, and changing cables a couple of times, it would seem that I have multiple cables that do not work between the modem and router. Oddly enough, these cables work between the modem and PC just fine. I'm not a cable expert so not sure why that would be, but as a last ditch effort before buying a new router, I tried another cable and my internet speed went up to just short of the 500mb download published speed.

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