R8000 or do I stick with my R7500?


R8000 or do I stick with my R7500?

Hi all,

I have a R7500 and after a number of 'bugs' and firmware upgrades, this seems to be stable and is working ok...

I've taken a look at the R8000 and am wondering if its worth changing to the R8000? Does anyone have any comments?

In a nutshell we are a household with 7 people (2 adults and 5 children), theres 5 Macbook Pros in the household, 3 iPhones, 4 iPads, 3 Apple TVs, 2 Xbox's and 1 Smart TV that can all potentially connect to the web via the R7500. So we (as you can see), use the web a lot!

Would the benefit of having the R8000 outweigh the R7500 in my situation?
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Re: R8000 or do I stick with my R7500?

The r8000 has two 5g radios so if you have a lot of 5g clients and the router is located in a central location to provide adequate coverage then you might see a benefit.
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Re: R8000 or do I stick with my R7500?

1.) With a lot of 5G clients the benefit will be better response time, not from the internet pipe but the shared wireless connections.

2.) If you find with your devices you have to split them up between the 2.4 and 5 to balance it out you will be able to get everything 5G enabled there.

In all I have less devices that you and I found once I went over to the dual 5G the net response was snappier, again the pipe is the pipe it will not be actually faster. I original was on a 2.4 N router, then went to the R8000 and original configuration was just splitting between the 2.4 and single 5. Then I tried out the manual balancing of the 5G radios but settled on the smart connect.

In the end, homes like yours is why the R8000 even exists right now!
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