R8000 slow internet with FiOS gig internet

I just upgraded to FiOS gig internet last night.  Using the supplied verizon router I can hit almost gig speeds up and down.  However, when I connect my R8000 I was getting ~250mbs up and down. I downgraded the firmware from the newest to V1.0.4.12 and V1.0.4.18 and am now getting close to 430mbs.  Sometimes closer to 500mbps.  I am testing using all the normal sites like using different locations, dslreports,,,,, and  BTW, this is all hardwired directly to the router using a Cat5e cable that is ~6ft.  Also tried different cables.  I would like to use my R8000 as the router due to being able to filter via firewall keywords and URLs.  I have been using the R8000 as an AP forever and it works well.  For wifi range it works better than the new fios g1100.  I also reset the ONT and have the same issue.  As soon as I swap out the router speeds go back to 940ish.  


Have there been any updates to this issue?  

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Re: R8000 slow internet with FiOS gig internet

Did you set your modem in bridge mode to avoid double NAT? If yes, you may need to factory reset the R8000 and try again

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Re: R8000 slow internet with FiOS gig internet

Fios doesn't have a modem. They have an ONT which coverts fiber to in my case ethernet.  I had the router directly connected to the ONT.  I also tried to the Fios router double natting and got the same 400 - 500mbps.

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