R8000 suddenly having issues on Xbox one


R8000 suddenly having issues on Xbox one

So I got the nighthawk x6 r8000 a few months ago and have been loving it. Starting a few days ago my wife and I have suddenly been having issues on our xbox's only. We both game on Xbox one and we each have our own. This hasn't never been an issue previously. Now we are having tons of issues from party chat not working correctly at first where one of us worked fine but the other person could join the party chat but no one could hear them and they couldn't hear anyone and it listed them as disconnected. Then today I went to download a game which is usually a fast and painless experience where I usually get 15-40MBs I was only getting 1 or less. Also another weird but maybe unrelated issue is when I went to update the firmware using the automatic tool on the router it says no internet connection even though I do in fact have one. Does the same if I try to update the QoS database. Any help I greatly appreciated. I have already factory reseted but that didn't help.
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Re: R8000 suddenly having issues on Xbox one

not sure man, i keep getting disconnected from games when i try to play online. usally happens when im in a party chat and partied up in game as well.. now i hear you have 2 of the same console. i heard using a port forward works well for this/or even port triggering. Try looking up port forward, and then port forward one console's i.p. and then put another into DMZ. sucks to hear this happening, i feel your pain! lol

thats one website i used to find the numbers to forward for your console /game. it shows step by step by your router.

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