R8000 vs Asus RT-ac87u


R8000 vs Asus RT-ac87u


Im getting ready to upgrade from the wndr3700 and was wondering what the community's thoughts were on these two routers. Is triband better than the 4x4 dual band that asus has to offer? Has netgear been good with firmware. Etc...
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Re: R8000 vs Asus RT-ac87u

seems like the firmware is not quite there for the R8000 yet. I would recommend the Asus for now.
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Re: R8000 vs Asus RT-ac87u

I've been using both the R87U and the Netgear R8000 for more than 6 months now. I have some very minor issues with the R8000, almost all of which got fixed with the latest firmware upgrade and holding the reset button down for 15 seconds and then manually re-entering all the settings.

As for the R87, I've had some major issues which still haven't been fixed by Asus, and resetting the router doesn't help either. Some samples of these are:

- Uses two radios, a Broadcom one for the 2.4 GHz and one made by Quantenna for the 5 GHz. The Quantenna radio does NOT start working until after the Broadcom radio finishes booting first. Total boot time with latest firmware is about 7 minutes.

- the latest driver for the Quantenna radio has some major incompatibility issues with Apple Macs and iOS devices whereby they can't see the 5 GHz at all and thus can't connect, time out after 15-60 minutes and lose connection to the router, and get speeds (at least over wifi) that barely beat 215 Mbps.

- the latest driver for the Quantenna radio has major compatibility problems with Intel's network chipsets too, causing similar problems that are occurring with Apple devices mentioned above.

- major over heat issues. The three chipsets (CPU and the two radio chipsets) average 80 degrees C even with no network traffic, while the R8000 averages about 50 degrees C even with 80-odd users online. This higher temperature seems to have something to do with the disconnect problems above, as disconnects get worse as the temperature rises. Shutting down the router for 15 minutes or so to cool down helps, but only until it is turned back on again and the temperature rises again.

- VPN passthrough tends to disappear at random, causing VPN's to drop. Big problem if you need to use a VPN for work or school. Rebooting router sometimes helps.

- IP address assignment problems: periodically tries to assign same IP address to 3 or more devices at the same time, so neither one can connect.

Just a couple issues that Asus has yet to address for this router.

Oh, and the best for last: sometimes get the error message that DHCP has failed on the R87 and am asked to manually reboot the router.
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